Mark Farrall

Mark Farrall’s career brings together psychology and experiential learning. He creates integrated, evidence-based programmes which are built on proven psychological theory. He utilises innovative methods and works in a therapeutically-informed way. He has worked with clients across many different sectors within the UK and overseas and is pioneering a new approach within the criminal justice sector in Estonia.

Mark has delivered undergraduate programmes in psychology, and led the research MSc in psychodrama psychotherapy at University of Worcester. Mark was the first person in the UK to complete a certificate level qualification in Morenian sociodrama and action methods. He recently completed the certificate in traumatic stress studies led by Dr Bessel van der Kolk, one of the foremost contemporary trauma theorists.

Mark is a non executive director with a remit to help develop strategy, provide scrutiny and challenge, and to ensure the work that PEAR does is suitably robust.

His research PhD in psychology focussed on para-therapeutic work with violent offenders. He holds a Masters degree in criminological psychology and honours degrees in psychology and in drama. He is a chartered psychologist, associate fellow of the British Psychological Society and a qualified psychotherapist.