We design our courses based on your requirements.

Ideally we like to run courses for a few hours a day over a number of days. This helps the learning process by giving people time to reflect and practice what they learn. It also helps to ensure that busy staff are not out of the office for too long. Please talk to us about how we can make this work with your organisation.

We can of course design short courses or any other format to meet your organisational need. We deliver at or near your workplace.

For All Organisations

Virtual individual and group coaching:

Effective Home Working

Wellbeing and Resilience

The situation around Covid-19 is continuously evolving and for many, has generated significant change. We recognise that in the challenging work environment, employees need to continue to carry on doing their core role while also adapting to change.

There is a pressing need for people to quickly develop practical skills to enable them to work effectively from home. And it is vital, with the challenges presented by isolation, uncertainty and anxiety, for people to understand how to maintain their wellbeing and build resilience.

PEAR has a series of coaching solutions to meet these needs which can be delivered virtually. Contact us for further details on 07881 698081.


Designed to understand the factors that impact wellbeing at work and to provide practical tools and models to improve it. This course helps people to understand how poor relationships, unhealthy expectations and unhelpful behaviours can lead to stress and dis-engagement. Participants start to understand themselves and others better and build strategies to manage their own wellbeing.

Inclusion & Diversity

What does it mean to work in an inclusive environment and what are our rights and responsibilities to ensure we are playing our part? This course is designed to help participants understand how we can manage our thinking and behaviour to contribute to a healthy and respectful working environment.

Working motivationally

Why do people struggle to change their unhelpful behaviour even when they apparently want to? Motivating personal responsibility for behavioural change is the aim of this course. Underpinned by the key concepts of ambivalence, rolling with resistance and the cycle of change, this course helps professionals to manage and influence others and themselves.

Getting the most from your team

These series of courses move from the fundamentals of managing a team through to the more profound aspects of engagement. Participants will cover theories of behaviour, motivation, change, management and leadership. Skills practice and evidence based behavioural theories from psychology underpin these courses.

Communication skills

Practical courses to improve your communication skills. By using storytelling techniques, understanding the importance of purpose in communication and employing proven rhetorical tools you will improve your communication skills. We will help you understand and manage potential anxiety related performance issues. We offer specific courses on speaking, effective messaging, writing or using pictures to tell stories.

Interpersonal skills

A series of courses to help staff with the core interpersonal skills of assertiveness, attunement, influencing and having difficult conversations. These are skills based and very practical courses. We challenge participants to reflect on why they may struggle to demonstrate their desired behaviour and offer a series of helpful models and the chance to practice skills to improve their practice.

Bespoke courses to develop capability

We design courses to build capability. We can offer training for a very broad range of a client’s needs; project management, innovation, facilitation, chairing meetings effectively, introduction to coaching and negotiation. Please ask if there is a specific capability issue we can help you with.

Sector specific courses

Protective factors in schools

Based on our experiences of working with heads and class room teachers these courses are designed to help educators develop strategies to deal with challenging situations and behaviours. These practical courses link psychological theory to promote good working practice whether engaging with pupils, parents or staff. (1-3 day courses)

Building resilience on the inside

We have considerable experience of working within the prison estate and understand firsthand the challenges of this environment. Through its no-nonsense approach, PEAR seeks to equip staff with knowledge and skills to increase productivity and morale. These courses augment and enhance professionals’ existing skills to deal even more effectively with challenging behaviour and stressful experiences. The sessions are designed to fit around the establishment’s busy schedule to encourage maximum participation without disrupting the working shift. (1-3 day courses)

Skills development for social workers

Building on what works in our experience of training social workers and other caring professionals these courses build important skills. These courses use motivational influencing ideas and develop skills in communication. (1-2 days)

Getting back to work

Courses to help people return to work after absences due to career breaks or looking after children. We also offer a course for the long term unemployed. All of our courses are based on our practical experience of what works. We provide courses in conjunction with partner organisations where relevant. We ensure people gain the knowledge, skills and attitudinal factors likely to improve success in getting and keeping a job. (1-5 day courses)

Facilitating successful events

We offer a series of services to help construct, manage or deliver events. We offer a distinctive approach to psychological education using applied theatre to ensure that the delivery is engaging, memorable and entertaining. The psychology links to diverse conference themes such as leadership, management, resilience, stress, safety, inclusion or mental wellbeing.